Personal Training with The Explore More Fitness Method

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Let me talk to you about the Explore More Fitness' 

"Five Pillars of Health and Wellbeing" 

  • Staying Active 

  • Hydration 

  • Wholefood Eating 

  • Stretching Daily and 

  • Sleep 

These are aspects of your life that are key to truly help you improve your lifestyle or to aid in maintaining your current healthy lifestyle. I will ensure you feel supported all the way with a program tailored to your needs and accountability checks at a time that suits you. Everyone has their own journey and everyone started from somewhere. Contact me at any time to let me help you get to the best place in your life. 


Why Explore More Fitness

Suitable for Beginners



Lifestyle Support





Certified Level 2 and Level 3 personal trainer

Post-Workout Performance Emails

Nutritional Guidance 



Child & Baby friendly

The Pivotal Moment 

Have you ever looked back at a pivotal moment in your life? That one decision that took you on a course that led you to success, happiness, inner growth? 

Could you imagine if you didn't make that decision?


That was the exact topic of conversation I had with one of my clients. She couldn't imagine what her life would be like if she didn't take the plunge and invested in herself with Explore More Fitness. Fast forward four months later. Her sleep improved, she felt her morning brain fog was gone and she could work really efficiently, she feels taller, stronger, healthier. It took her nearly 16 weeks for it all to come into place, so it wasn't exactly a walk in the park. For some, they would have given up, but for her; she worked really hard, she committed, she pushed through moments of doubt and temptation and now she feels in the best health she's ever been. This is why I do what I do.



Explore More Fitness Options

One 2 One

Two 2 One

Fitness Class

Online & Zoom


Your Safety is Important to me.

As much as I am here for your health, I am also here to make you feel at ease when it comes to safety. People value their health at the highest priority, especially since 2020 threw us a curveball. 

I follow the current and updated Covid-19 procedures in accordance with the Government Guidelines and my active insurance policy. 

I am also first aid trained. In the unlikely event, something will happen, you have comfort knowing I can support you. I am also insured to coach in a personal setting as well as a class.


You can view my documents on the Starter Pack once you become a client of mine.


What to expect in a workout with me.

Your money is time. It's also an investment, in YOU! I truly believe you get a lot for your buck.  My sessions are jam-packed with movement, power, cardio and with a design that is unique to your capabilities. Your sessions adapt to your development. 

My philosophy is to break down your goal into a more manageable task. Therefore, your session is broken into sections, aka circuits. Within each circuit, we have exercises that I will explain and demonstrate. We go through how many REPs (repetitions) are required for each exercise and we can talk about adaptations according to you. I focus on body and free weight exercises. We will progressively overload, meaning we will begin with bodyweight movements and when you're body is ready, we can add in weights. They can be in the form of; resistance bands, battle ropes, dumbells, kettlebells, medicine balls etc. 

Each circuit is timed. You get a rest in between circuits. We then finish off with a cold-down, mobility movements, and a well-deserved stretch. I like to focus on your breathing, heart rate, and still a sense of achievement and thankfulness for all the effort you just achieved. 

I'm here to work with you, support you, help guide and develop you towards your goals in manageable bitesize circuits without the overwhelm, without the judgment and believe me, I'm your biggest hype-girl. 

How I support you outside a session.

Your workout is only one element out of five which you need to think about when it comes to overall health and wellbeing. 

Nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stretching are also the other pillars of The Explore More health method. So how do I support you in all these areas that benefit you specifically? 

Throughout our consultation, I will ask specific questions about how you live your life and what you do in your everyday. We will look at your past a little and also look at your present goals. I need honesty and as much information as possible in order to help you with how we can move forward. 

Nutrition and Hydration

Once you become a client, you will be able to access a fully prepared E-book full of delicious, colorful, and easy to prepare recipes that will kick start your new journey. I will also look into your biometrics, creating the unique Kcals that you can follow in order for you to achieve your goal. Your BMI, BMR, and water intake will be calculated for you specifically. 


In order for you to get the best results, you need to take sleep seriously. It is recommended to have between 7-9 or 4-5 90 minute sleep cycles per night. Understandably, there are many factors that can interrupt your sleep. I can help you tackle these issues with tips, reading material, and a proven formula that truly can boost your sleep. 


It's one of the most useful tools you can have in your pocket. You don't need equipment, just a set of small, elongated movements that can have a world of benefits. Stretching is been to be an overlooked, forgotten resource mainly because we are always on the go and expect quick solutions to big problems. Stretching forces you to slow down, take time into its natural state, and let you look inwards. With stretching, you will be able to improve your workouts dramatically. Find a way to fit this into your life, in an almost daily routine and you will reap the benefits. Find fitting it in difficult? Once you become an Explore More Fitness client, you will be able to access downloadable documents that you can print that will aid you in keeping organized and focused throughout your journey. We incorporate stretching before and after every session together. 


In order for you to get the best out of your time with me, I make sure you can message me at any time during business hours for any support. Whether you're needing a pep talk, want some ideas on inspiration podcasts or books about health and fitness, or looking for a quick recipe, I'm here to help you to access that information you need.

Don't just take my word for it, take my clients...


Emma Cherubini

I did many workout sessions with Ashley and she is very professional and friendly in her job. She motivated me to keep going and never give up. I highly recommend her because she is a powerful woman and above all a full time mother.

Jenny McMullen

Ashley practices what she preaches and is so inspirational. Her workouts are tough but fun and, sitting at a desk all week, I just want as much outdoor time as possible so working out outdoors is perfect!


Sheena Glen

I am an older person and was impressed by Ash’s assessment of me and how she tailored the program to my needs. It was clear she knew what she was doing and was very professional in her approach. She provided an excellent, easy to follow the programme and it made a huge difference to me. I would highly recommend her.


Marta Kulinoska

Ashley is a very professional, friendly and respectful personal trainer. Whether you want to get start with your workout routine or reestablish it she can help you with it. I highly recommend her.

Llifting Weights

Polly S

I had a great experience having my fitness sessions with Ash. If you are looking for an enjoyable but challenging work out and a lot of positive vibes , you have found the perfect place for it!


Simone Rossi

A great and friendly personal trainer, professional and skilled! Highly reccomend!!!


Numra Masood

I have been training with Ashley for months now. Ash is by far one of thee most hardworking women I know. In the time we have trained together Ash has been so supportive and the encouragement has been endless!! Her techniques are amazing and she is extremely helpful!! I would recommend Ashley to anyone and everyone!! In the past months she has been by my side with any help and advice I have needed. And I have never regretted making the decison to train from her. She is so positive and supportive!! You will never need the gym again!!!!! Get booking ladies!!! X

Matthew Foulds

Ashley has been training my wife Stephanie and myself together now for the past few months and we are absolutely loving it! The sessions Ashley designs each week means we can not only train together but complete the same workout at our own level. From the first session to now we have seen massive gains and Ashley is a great motivator and keeps all the sessions fun and fresh. If you need a PT to create something bespoke for you would highly recommend.

Nicola Simpson

I had hit a bit of a rut in my training but Ashley has really motivated me again through fun and varied workouts. She really pushes me to get the most out of each session and I can genuinely say I enjoy working out again. I can highly recommend!


Patricia Simpson

I've always enjoyed keeping fit, but in the last few years, I haven't changed my routine and feel my fitness has suffered and I have lacked enthusiasm for training. Then I met Ashley. Ashley pushed me to my limits and mixed up the exercises each week. I did things I had never done before and thoroughly enjoyed someone else doing the 'thinking' for me. I just have to turn up and do my best. The result has been a new enthusiasm for training and faster running times!  


Jojo Fraser

I loved working with Ash, she pushes you hard and plays great music!! I loved the style of her sessions and the way she records progress. She wiped me into shape and I was feeling fantastic. I was gutted when she moved away from Scotland. She is super professional too and great fun. 


Marta Kulinovska

Ashley is a very professional, friendly, and respectful personal trainer. Whether you want to get started with your workout routine or re-establish it, she can help you with it. I highly recommend her. 


Natalie Simpson 

I've been working with Ashley for 4 months twice a week. I wanted to work out with a PT to bring some consistency and accountability to my exercise and that's exactly what I got. I love working outside, every week is different and I don't have to think - just turn up! Not only am I getting stronger and toning up, but it's impacted my eating, how I sleep in a positive way. I could not recommend Ashley more. 

Stephanie F

15 months postpartum I decided it was time to get fit again. I found Ashley and for an additional later, my hubby decided to come along to each PT session as well. It's been a couple of months now and besides the results being amazing, it is really Ashley's encouragement, knowledge, and overall experience that she creates that keeps me coming back. She is also so great at giving you homework between sessions to keep you motivated and living healthy. She also has great skills at tailoring our sessions to fit our different fitness level and we love our post-workout summaries... every time we are so surprised by what we have actually achieved! Thanks so much, Ashley, we will be seeing you tomorrow. 

Kat Usher

One of my good friend's sister introduced me to Ashley at the start of the summer and what a great positive experience it's been to date. The circuits Ashley creates are tried and tested by herself first before getting her customers to do them. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Ashley to any fitness fanatic wanting to get a bit more out themselves, she will get it out of you! 


Polina St

I had a great experience having my fitness sessions with Ash. If you are looking for an enjoyable but challenging workout and a lot of positive vibes, you have found the perfect place for it! 


Simone Rossi

As a man, I was used to hitting the gym and doing the same exercises I knew I could do. To be honest, I was getting really bored with my workouts. Then when I started with Ashley's sessions, for the first time in a long time I felt challenged. She sends me my sessions via a link and I have my own client profile where I can access my workout. I now go into the gym with a plan and I am looking much better for it too. 


Marta Kulinovska

Ashley is a very professional, friendly, and respectful personal trainer. Whether you want to get started with your workout routine or re-establish it, she can help you with it. I highly recommend her.