Meet Ashley

Certified Fitness Coach, 

Personal Trainer

and Mum

Introducing fitness back into my life is what forged me into a version of myself that I feel proud of. Once I began to workout, run, move more (in general), I began to feel empowered, energized, and I managed to double my productivity. 

Every single one of my fitness classes was voted 5 out of 5 when I worked as a personal trainer in The Gym, Edinburgh.

My private clients have also benefited significantly positive changes from my programs. This gives me a sense of achievement that is truly beyond priceless. 

I also like to make sure I have the balance between being; an active mum, friend, partner, daughter, fitness professional and make sure I have a grasp on my own physical and mental health. Like all of us, life is a juggle and it's important to take time out when you need to. 

My Vision

Complex programs don't always mean you're going to get the results you want. 


If you are someone who wants to lose weight, maintain or improve your fitness, then I am the coach for you. I specialize in body weight and free weight personalized sessions, which are high energy, high reps, high impact.   


My programs are designed to ensure you're not overwhelmed with complicated movements or exercises during your sessions. Importantly, I listen to you and I am flexible around you. We can train in your own home* with the kids around, at my house or in the local park. I'm here to work into your routine and get you feeling pumped for the rest of your day. My work doesn't just stop as the reps. I am here to look at ways I can make sure fitness will slide into your life seamlessly. You'll soon LOVE to wake up to a session and truly transform your day-to-day. 

*Within Harrogate only. 

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